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A Woman's Happiness & A Man's Fulfillment



An 8-module personality course taught by Graham White, aimed at helping you understand yourself and others based on the “Big Five” model of personality.


The first two years we were together we had 20 years worth of the hardest conversations under the most intense stress you can imagine - and then a switch flipped and we figured out how to do this so neither of us feel upset, we never fight and the respect and desire always grows.


You can get a sense in this video of how the thousands of conversations we've had have worked out the reason men end up frustrated and blamed in relationships when all we want is to make our woman happy.


We figure this out so you don't have to - you're welcome to, but if you'd like to shorten the process by about 20 years and avoid hundreds of days where you're feel judged or blamed and know how to create an energy where your woman always trusts and desires you - this is a valuable place to be.

Video lectures, with audio versions

20 Videos on every topic we've ever been asked by men and whenever something new comes up it gets added to the library.

Experience You Can Trust

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Graham is the former Head Coach for the world's largest personal development program with150 coaches and 10,000 clients.

Personal Support Available

Book a call with either Graham or Jenn whenever you're feeling stuck or book a couples call if the two of you need a solution to something that's come up.


Share your thoughts and ask your questions in a space with other men committed to the same pursuit of what really works when it matters the most.  

About Graham & Jenn

We worked this out under pressure so you don't have to.  Our start involved blending 7 kids while both of us recovered from the real estate crash in 2008 and dealing with ex's who didn't seem to see anything eye-to-eye.  What we figured out was done in a pressure cooker - and once we got it, we never had another argument again.

What Can You Expect?

Easily in the first week of having this material you're going to know how to show up with women in a way they naturally respond and open to.

Within the first month you're going to notice that your experience with everybody you interact with has gotten significantly easier and they'll want to give you want you want.

By the time you've been using this material for six months you're going to begin hearing from more and more people who know you, "Something's different about you.  What have you been doing, because it's pretty remarkable."

A year into having this support you're going to think back to where you were today and hardly be able to believe the things that used to frustrate you and that felt difficult.

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone who is tired of being misunderstood or feeling like you're not measuring up to expectations of the world and women that feel impossible to figure out..

This is for any man who can let go of the need to do it alone, to figure it all out himself and who'd rather have unlimited access to everything in life he enjoys than stay stuck and frustrated.

Why Join?

If the videos here resonate, you're in the right place.


How Will This Course Help You?

Discover what you need to feel genuinely confident and in control in every dynamic of life.

Learn what to do to show up with energy that make a woman trust, respect and desire a man.

End fights, frustration and the anxiety of not being able to keep a woman happy.

Understand how to speak to a woman in a way that makes her respect you more when you tell her, "No."

The best way to rebound and not only get respect from others, but like yourself more after you blow it all up.

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