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Course For Men

A straightforward guide on how to lean into a life of purpose, power and passion.

If this video speaks to you, this course is for you.


  • LIFE HACK - For Rapid Personal Growth
  • Becoming A Confident Man / Cracking the Code of Masculinity
  • Where We Find Purpose And How To Create It
  • Becoming A High Value / High Attraction Man
  • Make Her Crave You - Rekindle Her Desire Again
  • Getting The Woman You Want Or The One You Want Back
  • The Path To Reconciliation After You Really Screwed Up
  • She Dumped You, Are You Going To Wallow Or Step Up?
  • Keeping Her Happy When You've Got A Sensitive Heart & Complicated Mind
  • Getting Her To Realize You're Not Insensitive, Just Direct & Pragmatic
  • When You Need To Tell Her "No" (And she needs to hear it)
  • Getting Her To Give You A Break The Instant You Need It
  • Get Her To Understand The Way Men Feel Matters Too
  • Explaining Your Side In A Way That Makes Her Appreciate It
  • Risk Speaking Your Heart: Getting a Woman to Respect Your Needs